Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quilting -- Crafting A Better You!

Quilting/sewing/crafting can actually make one a better person!  Consider how this is so.

Recently, I decided that this tote bag needed a zipper closure instead of button and loop closure, since that would make it more practical to use.

The tote bag was completely finished.  To add a zipper would entail ripping out seams in the lining, and other tedious tasks.

It would requires patience, persistence, and determination........

These qualities also help a person deal with many situations in life in a positive manner. 

Who of us couldn't use more patience from time to time?  A patient person is a pleasure to be around.  So our relationships flourish.

To be able to persist in doing something of value, despite obstacles, results in confidence in oneself.  Self- confidence contributes to success in many areas of life.

Determination to stick to a course we know is beneficial, allows us to accomplish much good for others and ourselves.

Many other good qualities are strengthened by quilting/sewing/crafting.  Can you think of a few?

Here is the tote bag redesigned with a zipper closure.  Much better don't you think?  And my patience, persistence and determination has improved too.

So they next time you are faced with one of those oh-so-tedious sewing tasks, remember you are are building valuable life skills as you do it!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Need a Bigger Sewing Room!

"I need a bigger sewing room/area!"  How many of you quilters/sewers have ever said this?

The last couple of days have been spent digging through my fabric stash.  

Before beginning this stash review, there were already three or four quilt idea "piles" of fabric, one quilt semi-started, and another finished quilt top pinned onto the design wall,  waiting to be quilted.

Now there is no surface without fabric on it!

There are so many ideas for quilts running around in my head, I can't decide where to start.  If only I had more room, to make working on multiple projects at once easier!


Maybe more room isn't a good thing.  There would just be more projects on the go at once.  

Maybe I just need to get at finishing what is started first? 

OK.  I can do that.......I'll just keep one or two of these fresh quilt idea "piles" over here .....don't want to forget my idea!......

If you need me, you know where I'll be..........

Friday, February 6, 2015

5 Fabric Quilts -- A Great Technique!

Quilters love techniques that, though simple, produce stunning results.

Recently I discovered this book at my local library.

The title alone is intriguing.  Only 5 fabrics?  And the quilt won't be boring? This merited looking into. 

The book reveals Kathy Brown's easy, yet foolproof way to make interesting quilts using only 5 fabrics. 

After observing and assisting many women trying to choose fabrics, Kathy was led to the conclusion, that choosing more than 5 coordinating fabrics becomes overwhelming for most people.

Her method of using just 5 fabrics in one quilt, eliminates the need to choose many fabrics for one quilt. (She does at times use an additional fabric for sashing etc.)
 Take a look at some of the quilts she has designed using just 5 fabrics.  

                                                            Terrific aren't they!

Here is the first quilt top I pieced from one pattern in this book.  I made mine slightly bigger by adding one more row to the length.  I love it.  Fun, Retro, Upbeat!

I have a second quilt top on the go from Kathy's book.  Different pattern this time.  Can't wait to see how it looks finished!

By the time one makes a couple of quilts from this book, you begin to understand how you could use this technique to design your own 5 fabric quilts.

So, pick up this book from your library or elsewhere and discover another great quilting technique! You will have beautiful, complex looking quilts done in no time flat!

Note: Kathy has a follow up book out entitled More Take 5 Quilts which you will enjoy also.